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Old December 16th, 2010, 06:29 AM
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Default Most protective gloves?

I depend on my hands to earn a living, so I'm looking for the MOST protective gloves on the market, especially in terms of the outside of the thumb and the back of the wrist. These spots seem to be the places where I get the most slashes, and I want something really protective. I play defense, so the mobility issue of the glove is not as important as the protection. I also wear wrist guards, but I'd love to give them up if I could find something with a larger and more protective cuff. Any suggestions or recommendations?

I currently wear Vapor XX from a few years ago, and they've held up fairly well (small tear along the seam of one finger), but a slash on the outside of the thumb up near the tip left a pretty deep bruise for a couple of weeks. Made it a bit uncomfortable at work. Not married to one brand or another, just looking for something that will really keep the hands from being injured. Broke my wrist a few years back during a game and want to do all I can to stay off the injured list. Price is not a factor, but also not going to buy the most expensive glove unless it truly is the most protective available.

Thanks to all in advance for your recommendations and thoughts.

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