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Old February 23rd, 2012, 02:24 PM
mockingduck mockingduck is offline
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Default Sore feet

I just recently purchased the T10 skates size 7.5D. It feels ok and snugged fit at first. But when I used them to skate after about an hour. I felt pain on the inside and outside edges of both of my feet, on the bottom of my feet, and on top of my feet where the tounges touch my feet. Anyone has any idea what causes these pain / soreness?

When I skate on them, it sometimes feels like my feet do not sit perfectly on the footbeds (off-centered). Any idea what causes it?

When I drew my foot on the paper and measure it manually with a ruller, and do the width divided by length, it shows that I am supposed to be wearing a EE, but when I measured it with the bannock device, it came out to be in between D and E.

Are those problems that I am having because of the width of the skate not wide enough? The thing is my feet feels snugged fit on the D (with those problems). I supposed the 7.5EE will be much more comfortbale but less snugged fit. Regardless, I already skated on the 7.5D and I could not return it.

Several people that I talked to said that if it feels ok on the 7.5D, then the soreness probably comes from sut the stiffness of the boot, considering that T10 is a high-end skate that is very stiff and the skate is not break in yet. any comments?

Any solutions to my problems?

In regards to the soreness on the edges and bottom of my feet, and my foot bot being centered, I was thinking of getting a new footbeds. Will it help my problem and relieve some of the pain? anything that you guys recommend (superfeet, graf, shock doctor, elite pro)?

In regards to the pain on top of my feet, I would asume that I lace my skate too tight? is that possible? I changes the original unwaxed lace with a new waxed lace. Some articles that I read recommend using unwaxed laces to prevent the lace bite. Comments?

Thank you, any advices are appreciated.
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Old March 30th, 2012, 01:27 PM
ChrizR ChrizR is offline
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Just to say the symptoms you describe in your first paragraph are exactly what I am experiencing at the moment with some new skates!

And especially finding the same with the footbed, my foot isn't sitting flat as such, feels like there's awkward bumps underneath them. I've mitigated this a little by adding in my old skate footbeds on top of the existing ones to help even things out a little.

Has it got better, if so did you do anything or just keep wearing them in?
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Old March 31st, 2012, 12:51 PM
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if you havent baked your skates you may need to do that, i had to bake a pair of eastons twice from that same issue, i still experience it at certain times but if they're not wide enough for you then thats a huge problem.

You may need new skates man if they're not wide enough you'll never rid of that problem
Look up, Thinkingjack, on youtube, and enjoy.
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