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Old March 16th, 2015, 01:45 PM
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Default New to Roller hockey, wheel setup tips please

Ive played Ice hockey my entire life and have joined a roller hockey league for this summer. The league uses the rink surface under the ice, they just let the ice melt, its basically a slippery concrete sort of surface.

Im 5'10", 180lbs and have played ice since I was 5 years old.

What type of wheels should I look at getting? Im unsure of how soft I should look at, and if I should get all my wheels the same size or if I should maybe so like an 80,80,76,76 setup. I read a little bit of stuff but I always find asking real people for opinions is a much better way to get good answers.

I just went to my LHS and he is short on stock but he has some 74a wheels, I forget the brand, red somthing, but he said they were the higher end ones he had. He has 4 76mm and 4 72mm ones so I would be running 76mm on the back two wheels of each and 72mm on the front. Would this maybe make my transition from ice easier? and will this be soft enough for a slippery concrete surface that is beneath the ice?

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Old March 17th, 2015, 06:00 AM
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I usually play on Sport Court (the blue tiles), however; I know several players who play on smooth cement and they've tried a variety of wheels and tell me that the Yellow (80a) Labeda Grippers are the best they've used on smooth cement:

They're a single pour wheel so are somewhat affordable at $6/wheel. Dual pour wheels are generally better for Sport Court, but single pour wheels work quite well on cement.

At your weight I'd say 76a or 78a would be the appropriate durometer for sport court, but for smooth cement you'd likely be OK with the 80a grippers (a harder wheel will also last longer and provide a bit more speed. If grip is a priority you could try the 76a grippers, but I think 74a would be too soft for someone who is 180lbs).

Stick with the sizes your chassis is made for - the newer mission chassis is designed for an 80, 80, 76, 76 hi lo setup. The older mission chassis used 80, 80, 72, 72. Alkali and Tour use all 80 setups on most sizes (all 76 on some smaller sizes).

If your primary concern is mimicking an ice like feel than I'd look at two chassis: Sprung Inline and Marsblade. I've used Sprung for years and am very happy with it - it allows for tighter turns, full stride extension and feels more like ice than a flat chassis. It's not cheap, but if you want the most ice like chassis the Sprung and Marsblade are the two best choices (I haven't used the Marsblade, but have heard positive comments from those who have). The Sprung uses an all 76mm setup for the A6 size or all 80mm for the A7 or A8.
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